Don’t Jump The Gun On Canada Goose Culls

Media release from Fish and Game New Zealand, April 2011

Fish & Game NZ is cautioning hunters against jumping the gun on Canada Goose culls.

Conservation Minister Kate Wilkinson earlier this month announced that Canada geese are to be moved from Schedule 1 to Schedule 5 of the Wildlife Act, which will take away the protection status of the birds.

Fish & Game chief executive Bryce Johnson says the announcement has left hunters and landowners confused about the current status of Canada geese, and points out that they are still protected until the law comes into effect.

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1080 Poisoning in Waitara Valley

Information release from Epro Ltd regarding 1080 poison drop in Waitara Valley, May – June 2011

Notice of intention to Apply (1080) – Waitara Valley

Epro Ltd has been contracted by the Animal Health Board to undertake bovine tuberculosis (TB) vector control (possums) in the Waitara Valley area.

To comply with the Hawke’s Bay Medical Officer of Health’s request, Epro Ltd give notice of our intention to apply 1080. The toxic bait will be in the form of cereal pellets and will be dyed green in accordance with the Hazardous Substances and New Organisms act 1996.

This operation will commence as soon as practicable after 1 March 2011 and will be completed by 30 June 2011, weather permitting.

If you have any queries please contact Epro Ltd’s Taupo office (07) 378 4852

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Ahimanawa Block Mapped Areas – East Kaweka Helicopters

East Kaweka Helicopters, run by Chris Crosse provide an excellent helicopter service, please see the attached document for the block areas in Ahimanawa.

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HBRC 1080 Drops and Maps 2011

HBRC Aerial 1080 Drop and Maps

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The Responsibilities of Hunters

Original article featured in New Zealand Deerstalkers’ newsletter (Jan/feb 2011) – Written by Chaz Forsyth

The responsibilities of hunters

Today the widespread availability of instant communication, of 20 second ‘sound bites’, and of ready access to information (as opposed to ‘knowledge’) empowers us all, and imposes responsibility too. Hopefully, wisdom will emerge from all this.

So it is with firearms. Owning something capable of punching as projectile clean through a target, be it living or inanimate, implies responsibilities and rights which are easily taken for granted.

Firearm misuse and motor vehicle misuse

The daily news inevitably catalogues the latest road incident, often involving “accidental” injury, or worse, and the outcomes of those incidents where people attempt to escape Police by speeding away from a scene. Media interest in such events is intense, whereas the millions of safe road users rarely rate a mention, which parallels the situation for arms owners.
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DOC – Changes to land access – Wellington & Hawkes Bay

There are a number of changes to road and track access to recreational land in Hawkes Bay and Wellington.
Affected areas include

  • Waiotauru Track, Tararua forest park
  • Putangirua Pinnacles top track, Aorangi
  • Charlie Brown road, Kaweka forest park
  • Eastern Ruahine forest park
  • Makahu road, Kaweka forest
Access to some parts of the Forest Parks is across private land. To ensure this privilege continues, remember the following: Keep dogs on a lead, Take bolts out of rifles and leave gates as you find them.
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Forest & Bird and DOC Letters – Heli-hunting

The Department of Conservation’s management of heli-hunting

Communication from Royal Forest & Bird Protection Society of New Zealand Inc

Dear Al,
Forest & Bird would like to endorse the position of the New Zealand Conservation Authority on heli-hunting. The Authority is critical of the Department’s current approach in a letter dated 15 November 2010, and we agree with its concerns.

The practice of heli-hunting – where a fee-paying hunter is guided to a trophy animal by helicopter – should be recognised as primarily a commercial activity for private benefit and managed as such. It is not a conservation management activity for the public good.

Forest & Bird is concerned at the Department’s approach, which seeks to justify extensive heli-hunting on the basis that it is a wild game control activity. Like the NZCA, we object to such interpretations of the activity. Another argument, which Mike Cuddihy posed to the DOC-NGO forum, is that heli-hunting is no different to flying a recreational hunter in and out of a location for a period of ground-based hunting. We disagree: hunting by helicopter involves machines in the air for longer periods than access flights and so is more intrusive and less able to be controlled.
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Pest Management – Tutaekuri Mohaka

Communication from Roydhouse Pest Management, regarding pest control

To whom it may concern,

Roydhouse Pest Management Ltd will be running a possum control operation in the contract known as Tutaekuri Mohaka duration 7.2.11 – 31.7.11. This contract on Department of Conservation administered land, starts at Kaweka Road, Puketitiri extending into the Kaweka Forest Park through Middle Hill and Makino bivvy, down to the Mohaka River and along the Forest Park / farmland boundary on the east. All landowners and adjacent neighbours will be notified.

As required by our MOH and as part of our operation we are advising local hunting clubs that toxin used will be Feratox (encapsulated cyanide) contained with lure, in Biobags stapled to trees. All baits are dyed green and are deadly poison and harmful to humans.

There may also be blue Biobags containing Feracol-cholecalciferol (Vitamin D3). All baits are a paste and dyed blue. These baits can be harmful to humans and are harmful to cats, dogs and domestic stock.
There will be signs erected on all access points.

An information sheet on this poison is enclosed, or may have been sent to you previously.

Should your require any further information please do not hesitate to contact us.

W J Roydhouse
Roydhouse Pest Management Ltd
(06) 874 2895
P.O Box 7218 Taradale

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Sika GPS Tracking Project in the Kaweka Forest Park

30 Deer (20 sika hinds and 10 sika stags) have been captured using net guns, fitted with transmitters mounted on neck collars, and will be monitored until May 2012 when collars are programmed to drop off. The spatial data will be analysed to measure home range sizes of hinds and local and long-distance movements by stags. We will overlay the satellite data on land cover maps to learn what habitats are used and avoided by sika.

Information will be analysed and shared with the supporters of the project, recreational hunters and any other interested parties.


To use GPS/VHF/satellite tracking collars to determine how time of day, weather, seasonality, population density, hunting pressure, sex, age and breeding cycles influence habitat use, dispersal and home ranges of sika deer in the Kaweka Forest Park. This information will promote more efficient herd management by the Department of Conservation and recreational hunters.
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Road Through Molesworth Station Is Open

Please note, this event is now closed

20 December 2010 – Communication from DOC

Opportunity opens from Tuesday next week (28 December) to drive through this spectacular high country landscape of Molesworth station, New Zealand’s largest farm.

The Acheron Road through the vast historic South Marlborough station is due to be open to the public until 7pm on Sunday 3 April, fire risk and road conditions permitting.

Last year around 9000 people made the road trip during the 14-week open period.
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West Coast Tai Poutini Conservation Board

Letter from West Coast Tai Poutini conservation board for New Zealand Deerstalkers’ Association – 10 December 2010

Dear Snow,
Thank you for coming along to the West Coat Tai Poutini Conservation Board’s meeting on Friday 19 November 2010.

The Board was interested to hear your views on heli-hunting and your personal experiences in the bush. As you know, the Board has made submissions to the Department of Conservation opposing the granting of heli-hunting concessions. The Board intends to follow the concessions process closely and will make representation to the Department when it is necessary.
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Hunting & Fishing Adventures – Clearing The Air

There is a major misunderstanding circulating that we need to straighten the record on. Our summer catalogue featured an advertisement for the travel agency Hunting & Fishing Adventures. Part of the advertisement was intended to invite more existing commercial operators (hunting guides, hunting estates, fishing guides, charter boats, farm or lodge accommodation providers etc) to come forward to list their services with the agency. Instead the way the advertisement was worded, it looked like the ‘Adventures’ agency was looking to commercialise locations where current free access might exist which would then deny hunters and anglers like you and I, access we had traditionally enjoyed. Trust us that this was never the intention (although yes it did read that way). It’s my job to oversee the proof reading on the Hunting & Fishing New Zealand catalogue so the buck must stop with me when a major error like this gets through. I wish to apologies for the concern we have caused many outdoor enthusiasts, but we must say it is great to see the depth of passion that exists to keep as much of the New Zealand hunting and fishing resource open and accessible to the public as possible.

For the record we wish to make a few facts known…
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Didymo Information

Didymo: The Story So Far

Didymo New Zealand

Didymo at Mararoa River, Southland

Since didymo, or rock snot, was first discovered in the Lower Waiau River of Southland in 2004. It has spread rapidly and is now present in over 150 lakes, rivers and streams throughout the South Island. The freshwater algae forms unsightly mats affecting fish prey species and makes recreational activities unpleasant.

The species began expanding outside of its native range in North America and Europe in the mid-1980s forming nuisance blooms in places. This trend has continued with a second Southern Hemisphere incursion being confirmed in Patagonia, Chile in April 2010.

To date, the social marketing campaign led by MAF Biosecurity New Zealand has been successful in restricting the infestation to the South Island. From 2004 to 2011 the economic impact to New Zealand has been estimated in the range of $58 to $285 million.

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Rockslide Hut Hunting Trip

Short video from a club hunting trip to Rockslide hut near Tikokino.

Rockslide Hut

A 2-bed dog-box bivvy with a two-bunk shelter tacked on. Interesting spot on gravel flats in Apias Creek, opposite the huge rockslide that gives it its name.

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Game Animal Council Establishment Committee

Letter from NZDA to Minister of Conservation. Regarding decision on the report of the Game Animal Council Establishment Committee.

Dear Kate,
I am writing at the behest of our national executive, and on the insistence of some of our members.

New Zealand Deerstalkers’ Association was pleased to endorse the release of the establishment committee report, proposing a model for a game animal council, which you released in late June this year. We understood from advice received at that time that you were likely to respond to that report within sixty working days, i.e. three months. This advice came directly from establishment committee members.

New Zealand Deerstalkers’ Association is anxious to draw your attention to the fact that this period has now elapsed by a further two months. We observe that many of our members are putting pressure on us at the national executive level, to provide some answers about this process.

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New Zealand Deerstalkers’ 2011 Calendar

New Zealand Deerstalker’s official 2011 Calendar

The way it used to be…

Historical photographs from the glory days of hunting featuring old huts, dated camp scenes, brining home the trophies by horse pack, big Red stags, Wapiti bulls and memories of the 1975 ‘Save our tahr campaign’. Features NZDA, sporting clay and NZR championship shooting dates, militaria auctions, pig hunts, A&P shows, hunting ballot dates, national competition close off dates, and most important World Rugby Cup match schedules.

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New Zealand Pig Hunters National Body Formation

Letter from NZDA to NZ Pig hunters

Dear Warren,
On behalf of the national executive, and as national president of our association, I wish to congratulate you on the formation of a pig hunter’s association with a national focus. Many people have looked forward to seeing the establishment of a pug hunting body for New Zealand for a long time. We now look forward to supporting your committee and member ship and collaborating where we can, to advance the interest of all hunters of large game.

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HBRC Project Agreement on Deer Carcass Breakdown Monitoring

Project agreement

Date: 29th October 2010
Title: Deer carcass breakdown monitoring

It is agreed as follow

  1. Objective of proposed research
    To provide a quick assessment of the breakdown rate of deer carcasses compared to possum carcasses. If possible, the research is to include monitoring of 1080 levels within the carcass. The quick assessment will assist the AHB in determining if further research is required.

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HBRC 1080 Drop and Maps

Notification for animal health board 1080 aerial baiting programme 2011

The Animal Health Board (AHB) manages the National Pest Management Strategy for bovine TB. Possums are the main wild animal transmitters of bovine TB to domestic cattle and deer. New Zealand needs to reduce possum numbers to check the transmission of this disease to grazing stock, and in many areas the most effective means for this control is by aerial application of sodium fluroacetate (1080).

The 2011 Hawkes Bay Vector Control programme will involve five 1080 aerial contracts, one of these projects is entirely over private land; while the other four will involve both private and Crown Lands that the public / deerstalkers have access to.

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NZDA Media Release on Manslaughter Charges for Andrew Mears

Deerstalkers association wants manslaughter for Mears

The New Zealand Deerstalkers’ Association wants to see charges laid against Rosemary Ives’ killer, Andrew Mears, upgraded to manslaughter.

Mr Mears appeared in the Taupo District Court this morning to face what NZDA regards as a very minor charge of careless discharge of a firearm causing death.

National president Alex McIver believes the summary of facts read in court today speaks volumes about the quite unaccidental and even deliberate intention on Mr Mears’ part, to breach conditions of the DOC permit he had been issued, to hunt in the Kaimanawa Forest Park.
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