Pest Management – Tutaekuri Mohaka

Communication from Roydhouse Pest Management, regarding pest control

To whom it may concern,

Roydhouse Pest Management Ltd will be running a possum control operation in the contract known as Tutaekuri Mohaka duration 7.2.11 – 31.7.11. This contract on Department of Conservation administered land, starts at Kaweka Road, Puketitiri extending into the Kaweka Forest Park through Middle Hill and Makino bivvy, down to the Mohaka River and along the Forest Park / farmland boundary on the east. All landowners and adjacent neighbours will be notified.

As required by our MOH and as part of our operation we are advising local hunting clubs that toxin used will be Feratox (encapsulated cyanide) contained with lure, in Biobags stapled to trees. All baits are dyed green and are deadly poison and harmful to humans.

There may also be blue Biobags containing Feracol-cholecalciferol (Vitamin D3). All baits are a paste and dyed blue. These baits can be harmful to humans and are harmful to cats, dogs and domestic stock.
There will be signs erected on all access points.

An information sheet on this poison is enclosed, or may have been sent to you previously.

Should your require any further information please do not hesitate to contact us.

W J Roydhouse
Roydhouse Pest Management Ltd
(06) 874 2895
P.O Box 7218 Taradale