New Zealand Pig Hunters National Body Formation

Letter from NZDA to NZ Pig hunters

Dear Warren,
On behalf of the national executive, and as national president of our association, I wish to congratulate you on the formation of a pig hunter’s association with a national focus. Many people have looked forward to seeing the establishment of a pug hunting body for New Zealand for a long time. We now look forward to supporting your committee and member ship and collaborating where we can, to advance the interest of all hunters of large game.

As a former member of both the Tokoroa Pig Hunting Club and the BOP Pig Hunting club, pig hunting is as close to my heart as deerstalking is. My membership has only lapsed through my own memory lapses!

Our national advisor Matthew Lark and I enjoyed meeting with and speaking to your members on Sunday 26 September. At that meeting we undertook to provide occasional support and mentoring of your committee, as you erect your lobby and your presence with government. I wish to now repeat that pledge of our support.

Our national executive would be pleased to begin a productive two way link with you and your committee. We envisage sharing information, newsletters, occasional advice on any membership or other technical matters you may needs, and to ensure we can use communications to find and tread common ground. You are welcome to keep in touch with our national office and our CEO Dianne Brown will ably assist you or ask any of us to, where we can.

Dianne has been with us for over ten years and has a wealth of experience of running a member based entity from day to day, which you may tap into on a casual basis. Dianne can also provide valuable advice on matters like communicating with members, running publications, organising events and making your committee’s meetings sensible and manageable.

Matthew Lark has 19 years of experience in public policy, communications, government relations and advocacy practice, and he stands by his offer made at your September meeting to render occasional assistance. The executive contracts Matthew to do its advisory and policy work on a case-by-case basis. Matthew is an expert in his field, and if you wish to secure his services for medium or long term projects requiring this sort of expertise I would recommend that you discuss any contract offer with him directly.

We would welcome your attendance at any national executive meeting if you wish to talk to us about issues of mutual interest, or to seek advice from executive members collectively. Please feel free to direct any requests to meet the executive, through Dianne Brown.

I would like to keep in regular contact with you as national president, so we can identify and discuss issues which both our associations face. I look forward to seeing the New Zealand Pig Hunters’ Association grow into an incorporated society and to engaging with you often in the future.

Yours Sincerely,
Alec McIver
National President
New Zealand Deerstalkers’ Association Incorporated

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