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Hunting & Fishing Adventures – Clearing The Air

There is a major misunderstanding circulating that we need to straighten the record on. Our summer catalogue featured an advertisement for the travel agency Hunting & Fishing Adventures. Part of the advertisement was intended to invite more existing commercial operators (hunting guides, hunting estates, fishing guides, charter boats, farm or lodge accommodation providers etc) to…

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New Zealand Deerstalkers’ 2011 Calendar

New Zealand Deerstalker’s official 2011 Calendar The way it used to be… Historical photographs from the glory days of hunting featuring old huts, dated camp scenes, brining home the trophies by horse pack, big Red stags, Wapiti bulls and memories of the 1975 ‘Save our tahr campaign’. Features NZDA, sporting clay and NZR championship shooting…

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New Zealand Pig Hunters National Body Formation

Letter from NZDA to NZ Pig hunters Dear Warren, On behalf of the national executive, and as national president of our association, I wish to congratulate you on the formation of a pig hunter’s association with a national focus. Many people have looked forward to seeing the establishment of a pug hunting body for New…

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