West Coast Tai Poutini Conservation Board

Letter from West Coast Tai Poutini conservation board for New Zealand Deerstalkers’ Association – 10 December 2010

Dear Snow,
Thank you for coming along to the West Coat Tai Poutini Conservation Board’s meeting on Friday 19 November 2010.

The Board was interested to hear your views on heli-hunting and your personal experiences in the bush. As you know, the Board has made submissions to the Department of Conservation opposing the granting of heli-hunting concessions. The Board intends to follow the concessions process closely and will make representation to the Department when it is necessary.

The Board will also be actively involved in the partial review of the Conservation Management Strategy; this review was signalled when the strategy was approved:

West Coast Conservation Management Strategy Volume 1 2010-2020
3.7.13 Heli-Hunting
Heli-hunting was not identified as an issue when the draft CMS was released for public submission in 2007. The intention of the New Zealand Conservation Authority, in approving the West Coast Te Tai o Poutini CMS, is to put the issue of heli-hunting to one side on the understanding that the Department will initiate a partial review of the CMS to address heli-hunting. In accordance with section 17II of the Conservation Act, this will enable public participation.

The Board would welcome further dialogue with the New Zealand Deerstalkers’ Association on the subject of heli-hunting or any other common area of interest.

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